New Year “Walkies” – an invitation for my friends

Would you like to join me on my walkies on New Year’s Eve morning? I am going to one of my very favourite places and it would be so nice to have your company.

Coombe Hill was one of the first places I visited when I was rehomed in Buckinghamshire and I have been coming here ever since. There are always lots of other dogs walking here, with it’s commanding views over the Vale of Aylesbury and plenty of interesting smells it is just perfect for us.

Unfortunately, we Munsterlanders are not very well represented at Coombe Hill, in fact I have only ever met one other, she was lovely, but rather old and I only ever met her that once.

The hill is a conservation area owned by The National Trust, which sometimes grazes sheep on its slopes, so we have to behave here and sometimes deer roam here so it can be very enticing to wander away if I am not watched.

From the top of the hill you can look down upon the Prime Minister at Chequers, her official country seat just a few minutes away, so that’s nice too if you have never seen it.

The car park is at the top of Lodge hill which rises opposite Chequers side entrance on Missenden Road. You will see the car park on the left, there is usually plenty of space.

I will be in the car park at 10:30 with my two pets {Steve and Lorraine}, if you are free that day please come and walk with me.

Happy New Year to you all,

Love Tanner XX