Annie Baileys

Since the closure of The Barley Mow, there have been various incarnations of restaurant at this prominent site, sitting half way between Chesham and Great Missenden.

The oddly named Annie Baileys Restaurant is in my opinion the best of them all, has stood the test of time and is resisting the pains of recession very well.

The key to its success is undoubtedly that Annie Baileys provides what the local clientele are seeking, a relaxed atmosphere and good quality food at less than wallet breaking prices.

Personally I found the decor a little minimalist for my taste, I would have liked to see a few more traditional features, I do like to see restaurants reflecting something of the area in which they are located. However, I could not fault the menu, which displays a few unusual, I might even say daring combinations and that would encourage me to make further visits.

If you would like to experience Annie Baileys for yourself you will find their website here.